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  • Do you have a written contract?

-​ Yes! This is to protect both parties involved, and is the professional way to run a business. It helps my clients, and I, make sure we're both on the same page

  • Will you work with my playlist and my do not play list?

- ​Yes! That's my job. I've had clients hand me a list to play, in the exact order, no exceptions. I've also had couples leave it completely in my hands to play whatever I thought worked. And it always works wonderfully. This is your day. You are in charge. Plus, do not play lists are very important.

  • Will your equipment allow you to mix one song into another so that there are no breaks in between songs?

- W​ould I even be allowed to consider myself a professional DJ if I couldn't? I absolutely can, and unless a client asks for a break in between songs, you'll never hear dead air while I'm there. I run professional DJ software called Serato through my Numark NS 7 DJ board. I am most definitely equipped to handle any song details/transitions.

  • Will you take breaks? If so, what happens during the breaks?

- No, I don't take breaks. If it's a rather long event, you may see me sneak to use the restroom quickly during a low time during the evening (while dinner music is playing, for example). But, in short, no I do not take any breaks.

  • Will you take requests?

- ​ That is completely up to you. Some couple's prefer to stick to a list of songs, others are open to guests making requests. Either is fine with me. I can even provide your guests with my phone number so they can text their requests to me. But don't worry, I won't play heavy metal or the Chicken Dance without asking you first.

  • Will you act as emcee and announce formalities throughout the evening?

- Yes, that's my job. I enjoy it, and it's an important part of what I do!

  • How many weddings do you DJ each year? Will you have another event on the same day?

- I have been w​orking hard over the past few years to steadily grow my business into my full time gig. I typically average between 25-35 weddings a year. Since I'm a one man show, I never have two events on the same day. All of my attention will be devoted to you.

  • What sort of equipment do you use? Do your prices include the sound system, speakers, wireless mic, etc?

- I have a pr​ofessional system which includes 2 JBL Eon 615 speakers, a 2018 MacBook Pro that runs Serato DJ software, a Numark NS7 mixing board (no, that doesn't mean I'll be scratching and dropping beats at your wedding. It just helps me be in complete control of the playback of the music), DJ dance floor lights, wireless & lapel mic. My prices for DJ service include all of this.

  • What do you do if nobody is dancing?

- Rarely, and I mean rarely, ​have I ever had this happen. I am very good at reading the crowd, and playing what will get them up and dancing. I am also not afraid (as long as it's ok with you) to walk into the dance floor and talk with guests to get them excited and dancing - if needed. 9 times out of 10, this is never an issue.

  • How current is your music selection? What if we don't want to hear what's typically played?

- Firstly, there isn't a typical wedding s​ong selection, at least for me. Since my couples tell me exactly what they're expecting to hear, and we work close together to plan everything, you can rest assured I'll have everything you want to hear. I have a library of over 20,000 songs, and can access and download anything you want that I may not have.

  • What will you wear to DJ our wedding?

- I typically​ wear a black polo or button down shirt with black dress pants, and black dress shoes. The reason for this is so that I stay hidden and don't draw unnecessary attention to myself. However, if you have anything specific in mind, let me know and I'll make it happen!

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